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    Excuse my ignorance with this. I looked all over the documentation and cant find the solution or maybe I’m missing it. I’ve just started using Pods.

    Here is what I have so far:
    – I extended a post type to add fields to the page
    – Created a pod with my fields
    – created a template

    <h1>Adwords Information: {@website}</h1>
    <div class="adw">
    <p><strong>Prior Month: </strong>{@prior_month}</p>
    <p><strong>Clicks: </strong>{@clicks}</p>
    <p><strong>Impressions: </strong>{@impressions}</p>
    <p><strong>Cost: </strong>{@cost}</p>

    – created an autopod showing the template.

    All works great, but this is for a client’s website info on his private page. What if a client has 2 or 3 websites? How can I repeat the pod fields in the page administration (to fill out for the second or 3rd site?) and then how to edit the template to display 2 or 3 sets of data?

    If you can point me in the right direction, would really appreciate it. thank you in advance for your help

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  • Plugin Author Jim True


    If all you’re trying to do is replicate the changes you made and the template to another site, you can use the Migrate: Packages component under Pods Admin.

    Pods Admin, Components, Migrate: Packages, Enable.

    Then from the new Migrate: Packages menu item under Pods Admin, you can select the ‘Pods’ you created (in this case the post type you extended) and the Templates that you created for that Pod and you can easily replicate it to another website using the same plugin, I’m guessing, for AdWords.

    As to the secondary part of your question, you’d need to explain more about what the actual post type is providing. It sounds like you’ve created an Auto Template, which means the content from the fields in the post type you’ve extended will be displayed through the Pods Template you created after each post from that particular post type.

    If you want to show multiple sets of data, that post type that you extended would need to be storing multiple sets of data in ‘posts’ and then you’d just be creating a table of those sets of data and the difference would be you’d create a shortcode to call all those ‘posts’ and loop through the Pods Template to present the data for each ‘loop’ through the posts. Make sense?

    If you’re still confused, you might need to actually discuss it in chat. You can drop on our Slack Chat at in the #support channel.

    I am also interested in showing multiple data on one page.
    However, when I create a POD and then use it when editing a page I can only add one complete set of data.
    I am using Elementor to show the data (the new 2.0 dynamic feature).
    How can I achieve that?
    I hope you understand my question.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi @jimtrue

    Not sure if you understood my question. I’m showing these sets of fields in the editing of my post type by extending that post type (screenshot): and then show the entered values through auto template.

    I want to duplicate that pod to have 3 or 4 sets of that data to be filled out.

    I tried to duplicate the pod, but there is no option choose to extend the same post type as I already did (my custom post type). Does that make sense?

    Plugin Author Jim True


    @tollube What you’re describing doesn’t sound anything like what @gediweb is describing. Please create your own forum post and I’ll reply in that since it looks like your question is completely different.

    Plugin Author Jim True


    @gediweb What post type are you extending? If you’re trying to show a ‘set’ of information that could be 3-4 or possibly more sets of data, you should do that with a relationship field to the parent post type. You’ve got more of a confusion about Data Structure, because anytime you’re trying to complete a variable block of information about a particular ‘post’, you’re either looking for posts in a new post type or a relationship to post types.

    Check out our Grow Beyond Posts & Pages video: for a good overview of Pods and Relationships, or if I’m still confused with what you’re attempting, PLEASE join our Slack Chat ( so we can actually chat about it. Forums (once they get past 2 replies are ineffective at solving an issue, where sitting down and talking about it often will fix those issues).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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