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  • Miguel,

    I’ve been reading through the 29 pages of your support thread on your plugin and I have to admit that it is heart-warming to see such a dedicated and long-lasting support history by you. This is always nice to see!

    What I was looking for were questions about repeating fields, and I couldn’t find anything. I had a client come to me recently with a request that would be solved if there could be repeating fields in BP profiles (where a button exists such as “Add another School, Job, Etc”)

    In my Google searching, it turns out that I’m not the only one who has thought about this over the years, but it seems it has never been solved. When I stumbled upon your plugin, I wondered if there was a possibility you would explore this as a feature?

    Have you considered or attempted to make some of the field types repeatable, or adding a new repeatable field type?

    I’m interested in knowing your thoughts on this and what it might take to make it happen.


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