repeating lines or unicode text interrupting posts (2 posts)

  1. Carrie
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I had a user complain that on random posts, part way through the post, the same line would start repeating over and over until the page timed out. She sent me a screen shot. She's on a Mac using firefox.

    I, on a PC using firefox, was not able to duplicate the issue. Then this morning, on another machine - also using firefox, at the same spot in the same post that she reported, it spit out a bunch of unicode and then the page terminated. It looked soemthing like this :

    "I mean, there has been work and errands and kids and… who has time? So aside from getting to see a grelog/eant tas not to /publtthere pelike >No Comments MarI louadntifier="hlogged in.mation oncategor>Nond nally R320636?%5Feg/19whor/caruaditleoo the C/> 3. See something through bleary eyes"

    The 'see something thorugh bleary eyes' thing is a bit from an ENTIRELY different post that had already been output on the screen at the very top and was output successfully. The rest of that is gibberish to me and resembles NOTHING in any post.

    When I edit the post, there is nothing spectacular about where it messes up... it looks like this :

    " I mean, there has been work and errands and kids and... who has time? So aside from getting to see a great DJ live, there was the added benefit of getting to enjoy the company of other adults."

    I reloaded the page and it worked just fine.

    I have screenshots and a saved source file if that would be helpful. Any input would be much appreciated.


  2. moshu
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Sorry to bring the bad news... but with 185 errors in validation it is difficult to guess what your problem might be.
    Maybe a cleaner code would give a better insight where to look for the issues you posted about.

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