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    so I just got WP installed on our company web site and I modified the template so that it fit in with the rest of our site. when I’m in the admin and I click “view site” it takes me to the blog page as it is online. however, in Safari and IE it’s not displaying my background images for my header and my footer. they’re both just skinny (~5px wide) jpegs that are set to x-repeat to infinity. when I first view it in safari, it looks ok. but as soon as I refresh the page, the bg images go away and I’m left with a hanging header and white-on-white text in my footer…#%@#!

    anyone have any ideas why it does this? firefox seems to be displaying this ok. I’m working on a mac, but it’s the same way on PC…safari, chrome, and IE aren’t displaying the bg images…firefox ok.

    the other thing is more of an annoyance because I can’t seem to figure out why the footer won’t stay at the bottom of the page the way it does on our other pages. I can’t seem to make it work right…

    any suggestions on either of these problems?
    the blog is at if that helps to see the problem…


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  • ok, so it’s fixed in safari, but IE is not displaying the header bg image…all I did was change the CSS from “background-image:url(…” to “background:url(…” could this be a difference between IE and safari? if I use the -image it disappears in Safari, but if I use just background, it shows just fine. firefox displays everything, regardless of using -image or not…stupid IE…


    anyone have any ideas about this?


    Don’t use ‘background’ but split it into individual ‘background-‘ properties.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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