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  • Hi,

    Here’s the problem, I’ve been working on my first wordpress site, and i got it ready to launch, then came back a few hours later to find it had gone, just a white screen. no site, no admin panel, nothing.

    Of course i googled it, came across various solutions (renaming plugins directory, deleting themes etc) but nothing worked.

    in the end, as there wasn’t much data entered into the site i wiped the files off the server, set up a new database, reinstalled wordpress, and got back to work, , and again the same problem, this time in a matter of hours.

    so again, i re-installed on a fresh database, making sure i backed up the db everytime i did anything, and again i got the WSOD, and even if i roll back the database, it’s still not working!

    PLEASE HELP! i’m at my wits end and desperatley need to get this site finished! I’ll be gratly appreciative!

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  • whooami



    how about figuring out the problem instead of reinstalling? this isnt windows.

    white pages are indicative of PHP errors. when it happens, read your error logs.

    sorry, i’m a bit new at all this. I’m not too hot on php or database management, how do you read your error logs?




    ok. ..that depends.

    1. where are you hosted, and
    2. do you know what hosting platform you are on?

    hosting platform would be like apache or IIS, something along those lines.

    hosted with Blacknight on an Apache webserver




    ok, do they offer cpanel?

    If you look inside cpanel, you can actually read both your error logs and your access logs.

    Theres an option to archive them as well. So you can download the files and read them locally also.

    IF, on the other hand they dont offer cpanel, or they offer nothing, or something else, you will need to ask them how you can have access to them.

    Theres another solution that involves turning on error reporting and having multiple error_logs but thats probable more than you want to tackle right now.

    I was accessing the database info through myphpadmin… is that the same thing? i can’t find any reference to cPanel

    again, apologies for my cluelessness…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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