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  • Hi,
    I have been routed to this group via a member. Well, hope get some answers here.

    I have been getting 500 error for my 3 month old site with hardly 35 posts. I am also on Cloudflare and was using only 6 pluings from wellknown authors. Still the prob.

    I then contacted my hosting company (hostgator) and we had a chat sesson for close to 1 hour still could not come up with a solution since my site is running good now. From the error, log I could the following error

    SoftException in Application.cpp:641

    The hostgator rep says is a script which is consuming my BW and hence, I am hitting the limits. But, a site with only 20-25 visits a day can no where hit CPU or disk usage limits still I am getting this one.

    The rep advised me to disable WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin which I am reluctant to do. But, anyway, I have disabled its sitemap generating option. But I doubt is resolved now. Still wait for another 500.

    Any help or suggestion or experiences will be appreciative.


    My site:

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  • Deactivating the plugin is the logical step to locating the cause of the problem.


    Hmmmm… I guess I have make some compromise here.. Well I will disable this now and will see if I ever get that stupid script error in my error log or 500 errors. Will keep you posted about this.



    Hello, I’m getting the same issue and doesn’t seems to me the problem is with the plugins or the woedpress installation. I just moved my site from a 1 $ dollar server to a hostgator plan. I moved because of bandwidth limits and never had problem with them. With hostgator I got a lot of “SoftException in Application.cpp:641” especially when publishing an article and already have my account suspended once. 150.000 page views a month is not that much I think. Planning to go back to my old server. Of course I’m on CloudFlare and tryied all the possible cahing solutions.

    Hello Guys,
    Thanks to a very helpful hostgator operator we find out that what was causing the errors was the “publicize” module of the Jetpack plugin. Since I deactiveted things are working fine (and I got my seo yoast back)

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