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  • I have only repeatable fieldsgroups (textinput, fileinput and wysiwyg) and if i click add… it does something, like changing the text to “adding” and then nothing happens.

    i looked up in the js-console and it tells me that there is a “&” in load-scripts.js in line 2 that isnt there before and thats the reason why its crashing and not doing anything

    not sure how to debug any further

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  • same problem here, and when u save the new post for example, and then try to add a file again , it works fine for me…

    but when i try to create a new post and use the custom-fields i get javascript erros to… but when i save and try to use it again , works fine … so the bug occours when u try to use the custom fields without saving first.. 🙁

    Plugin Author PÀr Thernström


    can you take a screenshot or something of your console, and the errors? perhaps that can give me a clue of whats wrong. oh, and if possible perhaps you can paste on jsbin the full output of the ajax call made when getting the field group?

    thanks a lot…


    here is the setup:

    “hilfreichen boxen” is a repetable fieldgroup:
    1. field is a simple textfield slug is content_widget_title
    2. field is a wysiwyg-editor slug is content_widget_content (i know silly)

    i could hook you up with an admin account for the test instance but its in german i am not sure if something will break if i change the language to english

    Plugin Author PÀr Thernström


    scharc: any change with the latest version of simple fields posted yesterday? (version 1.2.3)

    tried it this morning, still a wront “&” somewhere 🙁 wanna ave a look?

    Plugin Author PÀr Thernström


    yes, i want to solve your problem 🙂
    any change you can give me some login information so i can check out the site myself, and see the problem? if so, email me at thanks!

    Hey PĂŁr!

    I tested the new version, and now i cannot mark the flag ‘use_html_editor’.
    I turn it on, saved, and it wont save…
    The field still looks withouth editor.

    Do u know what happend?

    Plugin Author PÀr Thernström


    miguelmedeiros: yes, there is a bug with that in the latest version. will be fixed in next one.

    Thank bro!
    ur awsome!

    Hi there,

    Thanks for a great plugin! I’m currently getting acqainted with it and ran into an issue described in this topic and wondered if there’s an update on it? The non-repeatable fields work fine but the repeatables wont open. Click ‘add’ and one does open but no text can be added? Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for any help,

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