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  • Hi, I am desperately looking for a solution, apparently Contact Form 7 – Repeatable Fields does not support Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields, or at least I have not been able to get both to work at the same time. Regards

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  • I’m also looking for the solution of it.

    @marcpv89 did you get any ?

    I have the same problem. Could the developer help us?

    Plugin Author Felipe Elia


    Hi there! Yes, the plugin does not work with Conditional Fields. In fact, Contact Form 7 has several add-ons and it is virtually impossible to create something that is compatible with everything.

    I do know that Conditional Fields is one of the most popular add-ons available though, so any Pull Request in the GitHub repo will be more than welcome.


    @felipeelia Sorry to say this, but virtually impossible to to make plugin compatible with several other plugins? Also, you have said it yourself – Conditional Fields for CF7 is one of the most popular addons for CF7. That being said, if you want to make your plugin compatible with any other, Conditional Fields should be a priority.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Hello everybody,

    This is a example en it is working on my website (contactform7) very well:

    [group Vul-hier-alle-gegevens-in-van-de-op-te-geven-personen]<label>Vul hier alle gegevens in van de op te geven personen</label>[field_group your_group_id_here]
    [text Voornaam placeholder "Voornaam"] [text Achternaam placeholder "Achternaam"]
    [text E-mail placeholder "E-mail"] [tel Telefoonnummer placeholder “Telefoonnummer”]
    [text Geboortedatum placeholder "Geboortedatum (example 22-05-1976)"] [/field_group][/group]

    Have i nice weekend

    Best regards




    Sometimes, it’s us that cause problems for ourselves. What I mean is that, if this plugin is not compatible with CF7 Conditional Fields plugin, and I want to use Conditional Fields plugin, I would rather go for Conditional Fields Pro, because it has repeater fields. See screenshot–

    So instead of having 3 plugins on my website that will make unwarranted HTTP requests on almost every page load, I would rather have 2 plugins.

    Beautiful enough, if you are using Elementor Pro, you automatically get the job of Contact Form 7 settled, and if you buy and add Crocoblock JetEngine to the equation, you’ve added the Job of Conditional Logic and Repeater fields to the fray in a most beautiful and delicious way.

    So Elementor Pro, and Crocoblock JetEngine will solve all form problems and beyond, give you additional functionalities that may even help reduce the need of other plugins on your website, and this will reduce certain unwarranted HTTP requests on almost every page load on your website.

    Give this a thought.




    Funny to see some dutch text between all the English lines.
    Still not found what i was looking for but this turned a smile on my face 😉
    And by the way, almost happy birthday?

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    @gamicord sure thing, I totally understand where you’re coming from, but you’re just making some statements that you just should not.

    First false statement, only implied though, was that having two plugins installed is better than having 3 plugins installed. I assume you’re pointing at performance here. But, as both you and I know, whether you have 2 or 3 plugins active, won’t make much of the difference in performance itself. What will make difference is how robust and how resource heavy are those plugins. This being said, Elementor + any JetEngine plugin? I would always, but literally always go with pretty much any other 3 plugin combination. Also, having Elementor just so that CF7 would provide additional functionality doesn’t really make any sense. To any sane developer, that is.

    Another point is that Elementor alone costs a fare amount, and we’re talking about free(as in speech) WordPress plugins, hence the forums.

    And last, but certainly not the least, 3 plugins making a number of requests on each and every page load: come on, man, really? This can be fixed with 20 lines of code in the worst case scenario. Also, aren’t the plugin developers responsible for that?

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