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  • There are several post scheduling plugins in the repository:

    Thanks, and yes, I’ve checked several of those. However, my search is a post that repeats itself annually rather than doing the same post and giving different publishing dates.

    Say for ten years … 1 post that repeats ten times on a given day rather than ten separate posts.

    What do you mean “repeats”. You mean you want to post the same post ten times in a single day?

    No,for example, I want a post to say “Happy New Year’s” on January 1st

    Or even “Happy Birthday to ….whoever” on the same day each year. There are many widgets out there that do this, but the organization its for is posting info on Facebook. These posts would not change for year to year. I am seeking to set up a repeatable post (per category) that will post to WP, then implement a auto FB post based on that category.

    I may have found a plugin called “Auto Post Scheduler” that does the trick, however, it not exactly what I was seeking. Would love a plugin that added a checkbox for repeating the same post on the same day each year. (kinda like a repeating event on a calendar)

    So basically, the same post content and title, just posted on the same day year after year. Got it. (Technically, not the same post. But I see your conundrum.)

    I kind of thought the “recycle” feature of Auto Post Scheduler might do this. Any I wrong?

    Another thought: use the Duplicate Post plugin to duplicate a post and then schedule it for a year into the future. (Lots of work that, if you have a lot of posts to do this with.)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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