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  • never mind, still learning wordpress so i’ve changed the keys in phpadmin

    How would I go about reordering the gifts?

    The page sorts them by the item id in MySQL, which generates when you create the item. My hosting provider allows me to access phpMyAdmin so i changed those values in the database in the table ‘wrd_registry_item’

    I ended up exporting the SQL INSERT statement to an excel spreadsheet and changing the ids for the order that i wanted them to appear in. Once i finished updating I deleted the contents of the table and ran the insert query to populate all of the items. It looked like this:

    INSERT INTO 'jwah_wor1'.'wrd_registry_item' ('id', 'title', 'descr', 'qty_requested', 'price', 'info_url', 'img_url', 'fulfill_dt')
    VALUES('1', 'Return Flights for 2', 'Help us to get there', '36', '100', '', '', NULL),
    ('2', '2 Nights in LA', 'We''ll need to cure our jetlag before setting out on the road', '1', '120', '', '', NULL),
    ('3', 'Dinner in LA', 'yum!', '1', '100', '', '', NULL)

    If you use the comma as a delimiter when exporting to excel, it should put each field in a different column.
    Hope that helps, if you fiddle around in the MySQL admin you should be able to work it out. Or someone who knows php can code a page to do it within WordPress?

    Is it possible to add an ecrypted paypal button on the php code? When I set my paypal profile to block Non-encrypted paypal buttons my website wont allow my guests to purchase anything.

    By enabling this feature, any Buy Now, Donation, or Subscription button that is not encrypted will be rejected by PayPal.

    Block Non-encrypted Website Payment:
    Block Non-encrypted Website Payment:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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