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    Once images are selected for the gallery, they cannot be reordered on the Edit gallery page.

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  • linux4me2


    In the Editor, if you click the List View (Shift-Alt-O), you can drag the “Image” item in the list to reorder them in 5.9-RC4-52636.

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    I’m not trying to drag the whole gallery to another location in the post.

    I’m trying to drag the images in the gallery into a different order when in the Edit Gallery pop up, not the post editor.

    We can currently just click on the image and drag it around. They just snap back into place now.

    Tonya Mork


    Hello @blogaid,

    Thank you reporting!

    Just tested with 5.9-RC4, Twenty Twenty-Two theme, and no plugins activated. I’m able to reorder the images within a gallery block by moving each left or right within the gallery block. Here’s how I did it:

    • Click on the image to move
    • A toolbar appears for that image.
    • Click on the move left < or right > tool until the image is in the position you want.

    Does the toolbar appear for you when clicking on the image within the gallery block?

    If yes, does clicking on the move left or right tool move the image to the previous or next position within the block?

    After saving, are the new positions retained?



    Hi @blogaid,

    You can use the List View to change the order of the images in the Gallery Block, not just the position of the Gallery in the post.

    @hellofromtonya, the image toolbar with the arrows does allow me to move the images within a Gallery Block, but I believe what @blogaid is pointing out is that in Twenty Twenty Two with no other plugins and an existing new Gallery Block, if you:

    • Use the List View to select the Gallery
    • Click the Media Library link to open the Add to Gallery dialog box
    • Click the Edit Gallery link
    • Try to drag-and-drop an image to reorder it in the gallery

    Drag-and-drop fails to reorder the images in WP 5.9, whereas it worked in WP 5.8.x.

    Tonya Mork


    Aha, you’re right. Thank you @linux4me2!

    Just tested and drag-and-drop in the Media Library’s overlay for editing a gallery does not work in WP 5.9 but did in 5.8.3.

    There are other ways to reorder images as noted.

    For the drag and drop issue, would you mind creating an issue here



    Hi @hellofromtonya,

    No problem. Here’s the ticket.

    Tonya Mork


    Wonderful. Thank you @linux4me2. I’ll move the ticket into 5.9.1. I invite everyone to follow its progress here

    Moderator Marius L. J.


    Hiya, just noting that I’ve marked this topic as resolved, as there’s now an associated ticket for further followup, and we’d like to contain any new information there so it is not lost 🙂

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