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  • Hello!

    I’m new to the site so i hope i am posting this in the correct place!

    I have been recently building a website using wordpress. i have picked my theme and also downloaded woocommerce.

    Built a rough outline of the shop and added some products.

    Then the issue arrived 🙂

    Half of my shop is based on renting equipment. So when you navigate to the shop, you can then chose rental packages then go on to customise your package.

    Can some clever bean please please please assist me with this OR direct me to somewhere/one who can?

    I need to learn how to enter prices per day, so a person can choose item A @ 5 days along with extras A, B and C for 5 days?

    Sorry if this is a terrible explanation!

    I added an item (a camera) then changed it to a ‘variable product’ added my attributes (tripod, monopod,). My intention was for someone to be able to choose the camera ‘£60’ then either select ‘Nothing ‘£0’, Tripod ‘£15’ or Monopod ‘£5’.

    What i ended up with was the original price (£60) going missing. I assume this is because i entered that value when i had ‘simple product’ selected. And a drop down box which allowed me to choose the three values. Which obviously changed the total price to either 0, 15 or 5!

    Apologies if this has turned into a ramble, i’ve never built a website before so its a very steep learning curve.

    Thanks in advance for your time.


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