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  • Hi guys,

    I know that there is plenty of webstore building tutorials but I haven’t bumped in to this particular problem. I’d like to build a rental website with a few different renting articles. Renting process should follow these steps:
    1. First you choose the renting article (obviously).
    2. Next you choose the dates from the calendar.
    3. Next you put the “products” in to your basket. (It would also be possible option if there would not be a basket. You only choose the product and dates and then you pay. If you are renting something, you often rent only one product so there’s no need for the basket really…
    4. Next you pay OR choose the bank transfer.
    5. After the payment (or the booking) the free dates should turn red in the calendar.

    The booking step should be quite strict:
    -you can only book days next to each others.
    -some products may have limitations on how they can be booked (you can only book the product for whole weeks. And the starting day is always monday.
    -Some products can be booked only for whole weekends.

    The pricing is non-linear. Depending on product, usually the pricing goes like this: Day 1 = 100 %, Day 2 = 80 %, Day 3+ = 60 %.

    How this can be done? Is woocommerce the plugin to go with?
    Should I modify existing hotel rental plugins to adjust to my needs?

    All help is appreciated!

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