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  • I’m testing Gutenberg on a site that relies heavily on an ACF page builder. Some fields are still displayed in the editor, others just throw errors, none of the fields save (though Gutenberg assures you “Post updated!”).

    All editor customizations are lost. The “Classic Editor” block doesn’t support the TinyMCE custom formats drop-down. Category lists which were modified to be radio buttons are now checkboxes. All custom meta boxes are gone.

    Please keep Gutenberg a plugin and out of WP core… Or at least keep it an optional feature. Is that so much to ask?

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  • It’s worth noting that ACF currently says:

    Testing ACF with Gutenberg is going great. I’m happy to see how well Custom Meta Boxes are being supported in this new JS powered edit screen – everything seems to be working out of the box! The only issues are due to changed actions and filters, which will require some minor compatibility patches. As the Gutenberg project continues to develop, we will continue to test and roll out updates.

    So it’s not quite there yet with Gutenberg and Gutenberg isn’t quite there yet too. I personally am going to keep an eye on ACF updates and Gutenberg updates to see when I can start testing some of my own ACF built templates, exciting times ahead!

    ACF is just one of many plugins, I have a number of others to test.

    Adding Gutenberg to core creates an astronomical number of unknown factors for anyone with custom themes.

    Moderator Marius L. J.



    Thanks for taking the time to test Gutenberg, we really appreciate it!

    So, ACF and page builders are two very interesting problems to tackle, currently the most straight forward approach, if they do not have Gutenberg support built in yet, is for them to declare that they do not have that support. Gutenberg will then (not at this time, because we want to find issues before a release) revert to the old editor if something declares that it lacks support. This should prevent any breakage while they get compatibility updates in place.

    So, it will eventually go into core, sorry but that’s the way it is, but plugins can opt out of using it if there’s a reason for it, so your sites shouldn’t break.

    It’s also worth noting (as some have expressed worry for it) that any existing content won’t be touched, it will remain the way it is until you go to edit it, and even then you’ll have the option to convert it to Gutenbergs block format, or leave it as is.

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