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  • Guys, I am missing something. In IE6 the logo in the intro section does not show up, how can I fix this? I imagine with z index.

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  • The logo in what intro section?

    Thanks for responding. Div ID=introicon, people.png.

    IE6 doesn’t work well with PNG images by default. You either need to replace the image with a GIF or JPG or use one of the commonly available workarounds for IE: here’s one and here’s another.

    I replaced both images with jpegs, still no good. Also, this theme already has an ie6 stylesheet.

    Also, not worried about the transparency issue, as these are Jpegs, I am concerned that one of my Jpegs are hidden behind another.

    Can you post a link to your site so I can see what’s going on?

    Sure, its If you render that in ie6, you can see that the logo loads fine, its the people.jpeg that doesnt load. It’s hidden behing the intro background. If you activate the default corporate theme, you can see the same.

    Looking at the code it seems you’re still linking to the .png and not the .jpg.

    Ok, I must have had it changed back to a png for testing. It’s not changed to a gif, and still the same issue. It’s not just an problem with my modifications, this happens to the images in the original theme. Please help!

    I just pulled the site up in IE6 and it looks roughly the same as it did in Firefox. There are just two problems remaining: the difference in color between the background and the gray sections around the rounded corners. Also, the recycling image (people.gif) is displaying about a quarter inch below where it should be.

    I recommend keeping position:relative; but dropping the float:right; from the style declaration. Instead, use top: and margin-left: to position it where you want it. This will makes sure it always displays in the correct location.

    One other thing that might help: You have both #intro and #introicon set to the same z-index. Because you want #introicon to always display on top, you should set each div’s z-index separately. #introicon should have a higher z-index than #intro.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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