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    Test conducted with WP stable version WP 3.8.2 and also with WP 3.9RC1
    Renaming wp-content still not working. since the plugin fail to write four lines of snippet on wp-config.php. Earlier mentioned the same bug at

    Module for default Admin user name and its ID in the version 4.0.19 is some what near perfect. But still need little bit tweaking on this. If WP installed without default Admin user with ID=1, then this module still require to check first box then it show ID box to select. Non-default user associated with admin id=1, requires separate verification. In this context, only one change required for user id from 1 to other. But still this module doesn’t provide complete protection if automated bot or manual search do for User enumeration. Even if plugin changes the user id from 1, it actually change to either 2 or recently added user id+1. But this feature or module will not stop user enumeration.

    I hope plugin author’s will adopt rewrite rule for blocking “User Enumeration”. It means a complete rewrite of this module is required instead of continuing the existing module to change id form 1 to 2 or other.

    Recently we found that from’s IP range, they did “User Enumeration” to hack one of our sites. I don’t understand why these reputed organization also hacking with user enumeration. So, I request plugin authors try to implement rewrite rule set on .htaccess to block “user enumeration”

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  • You donĀ“t need this plugin for it..

    Go to your wp-config.php and add this at the head of the file, directly behind <?php:

    define( 'WP_CONTENT_DIR', '/absolute-path-to your-folder/foldername-where-your-install-is-inside-on-your-server/renamed-wp-content-folder' );
    define( 'WP_CONTENT_URL', 'http://your-domain/renamed-wp-content-folder' );
    define( 'UPLOADS', 'renamed-wp-content-folder/uploads' );

    Best regards

    Dear BBIndikator!
    Appreciate your contribution to support forum. we know how to do that. whatever you mentioned above already discussed on our previous thread at bugs-in-ithemes-security-v400-to-v4012?replies=3
    Since we already added those lines of code to wp-config.php we don’t have any issues in this regard. But it requires adding the above lines of code on wp-config.php rather auto writing by iThemes Security plugin just how it was worked in Better WP Security. Since other members don’t find a workaround if they don’t know how to add these lines when they rename wp-content, we herewith opened a thread to report the plugin author.
    We verified and reported to the plugin author through this thread.
    Anyhow we really appreciate your contribution to this wp support forum. Have a nice day bro.

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