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    Brand new WordPress site running under Windows 2008 R2, IIS 7.5. The only other plugin I have installed is the Akismet. The only theme installed is Customizr…all current versions as of yesterday.

    What I have done:
    1) Downloaded rename-wp-login > unzipped > placed in plugin folder
    2) Activated rename-wp-login through admin panel > Plugins
    3) Redirected to Permalinks. Renamed to > Saved config
    4)Cleared browser cache > Went to
    5) Presented with 404
    6) Removed the plugin folder and was able to access wp-login.php again.

    1) When I rename my site to /mylogin, should the plugin create a new folder in the root of the site or is this simply an update to the DB? (No new folder was created)
    2) DO I actually need to rename my wp-login.php file?

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  • Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe


    1) It’s saved in the db, no folder or file should be created
    2) You don’t have to rename the wp-login.php file.

    Did you rename it to /mylogin or mylogin?

    In the textbox, I simply erased the default login and typed mylogin with no forward slashes anywhere.

    Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe


    Literally mylogin or something else? What’s your website?
    Can you install the plugin from the plugin installer and try it again? Then I could also go to that url. What does it do when you leave login (the default)?

    Literally just mylogin. I have just installed the plugin via the plugin manager, activated the plugin, kept the default “login” path in Permalinks, saved the config, and still get a 404.

    Here is my website:
    This should be the new login:

    You’ll see a custom 404 pop up…

    Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe


    That’s weird. The 404 page is not your normal 404 page right?
    I’ll think about it, but I can’t do much about it I’m afraid, unless I have access to you site.

    Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe

    (@iseulde) generates a 404 page that’s not a template in a wordpress theme. Where does that come from?

    The custom 404 you see is my custom 404. Even with the default IIS 404 http error page, it doesn’t give much information.

    Even though IIS works a bit differently than Apache on Linux and hardening IIS and the anonymous IUSR account IIS uses for visitors, that really shouldn’t be an issue since this plugin is a simple update to the DB…

    In other words, even though you login with a local WP account, all folders and file NTFS permissions are still being assessed with the IUSR account and NOT the account you log into WP with. But again, being as the plugin simply updates a MySQL value, this shouldn’t be the issue.

    Let me know when you have time to work on it and I can give you access in the name of helping you improve the plugin. Do you just need WordPress Access or do you need/want server access as well?

    I would prefer we exchange that info via email. You can email me here:

    Please write my email address down as I will delete it here in a few minutes…

    That is a custom server-side 404…Independent of wordpress.

    Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe


    Thanks, I’ve received your email address in my inbox.

    The plugin doesn’t create a page or anything in the database, the custom login page doesn’t exist at all. Initially wordpress will mark it as 404, because there is no such post in the database. But then the plugin intercepts if the request matches the value stored in the database and sets up a fake page.

    I could try to intercept earlier, but I’m not sure if that will help. How does this custom 404 page work? At what stage does it decide wordpress has something to show?

    Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe


    Think I found the problem, sorry 🙂
    I’ll keep you updated.

    My thoughts:

    When activated, the 404 comes across as a WordPress formatted 404. Like WordPress is saying that the page should be there but a link is broken.

    My custom 404 happens when the file or directory doesn’t exist at all. At that point, IIS…not WordPress…throws my custom 404. The custom 404 is configured in IIS and simply points to my custom static pages.

    No worries.

    Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe


    Uh, all this time I’ve been thinking the custom login page outputs a 200 status code, but actually it doesn’t.
    I’ll probably fix it with a few hours.

    Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe


    Is your problem solved when you update to version 1.2?

    Sorry, same thing: server-side 404 (I get my custom 404 page). I even reset the error pages back to IIS defaults and still get a server-side 404 (non-WordPress formatted 404)

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