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  • Hi is there a way to rename the wp-admin directory or the wp-login?

    I only have two people who are posting articles so I don’t really need anyone to log in. As well, I want to make my site more secure by changing the location of the admin panel.

    I did some searching, and found a plugin for wordpress 1.2, but I am using 2.x

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  • Well, I am not sure moving the admin folder is a good idea: the files in it and in other folders reference each other who knows how many times… so you might end up with a huge mess.
    Never really heard about “hacked” WP through the admin panel or registration.

    hmm so wouldn’t this be a good plugin idea?

    I really don’t think it would be worthwhile to code such a plugin. moving it from wp-admin to admin-interface or something like that really isn’t going to make or break you. I see this being a tremendous amount of work, as many plugins depend on hooks in the admin panel that rely on the locations of files…you’d probably have to go through thousands of lines of code to make all the changes. A better investment of time would be thinking up and memorizing a killer password

    Well one was coded for 1.2 so I was wondering if anyone would do one for hte newer version

    I’m with moshu and resiny on this one.. =P Talk about days and hours of mass file editing to get this done the way you want it sigh. =/

    I’m just thinking about it now, changing all the WordPress files to recognize the: wp-login location, and then possibly going through all the plugin files to do the same, then maybe even the theme files as well…Eeek.. forget about all that work lol.. =P

    I do know what you’re talking about though icyflare. =) Kinda does sound or seem like something “cool” to do or whatever, but just too much work for me, if only it was easier..sigh

    Well, there is that little program thingy that Podz mentioned about for changing certain text in all files of a “directory” on your PC to whatever text you want it to be for. But I dunno..

    SCR 1.0.002 Freeware edition (13KB) . Use that to search and replace your website url with your Xampp url.

    But instead of replacing the “url” within those files, you’d just be changing the wp-admin to wp-login.. Again, I dunno about that though..


    apparently theres some program called FART “Find and replace text” that can do it

    A quicker idea is to go into your host’s control panel and use phpMyAdmin to change your default login name from admin to something different. Just find your WP database and the entry wp_users. Click browse or edit. Change user_login to whatever you wish and save. Any hacker using the default login will get nowhere fast. You might also change display_name to something more interesting while you’re in your database.

    I came to this forum with the same security concern. I’m disturbed when people give canned answers to legitimate concerns. In this case the answer is from Moshu, a moderator. Resiny and spencerp are simply misinformed, but moshu should do better.

    Renaming the wp-admin and wp-login names is one more small layer of security. When using such a popular script, knowing the default file names makes the process of hacking simpler. Read about one such attack here:

    There is a script that automates the renaming, so it is entirely worthwhile. As you point out, it may not work with the latest version of WP.

    I’ll test the script on my site and see if it works with 2.0.3. If not, I’ll try it manually.

    this looks promising..
    io ran across it earlier today and kharma brought me here too..
    i havent tried it yet though

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