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    I am new in wordpress and I am not a developer, or a html, php pro or anythings like this. I am more like newbie.
    I am trying WordPress with I find better for me than Joomla unless for the photo sharing plugins.
    Anyway, I am looking across the internet and wordpress forum to seek if there is any way to Rename the wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content, folders and all wp- files in WordPress 3.3.2 without success.

    Does any of you in here know if that is possible to do it and if so how to ? Also could it be possible to still updated WordPress automatically after that ?
    I will appreciate your support on that :-).

    Thanks Gilles

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  • Why?

    I have relation that using WordPress for them business over another cms software from no long ago and their got more attacked by hackers ? I believe they might recognized more easily what they using because of the files and folders name ?

    Ah, understood – but there’s no need to do this, and if you did so, it would prevent the site from working at all.

    Visitors to your site can’t see the underlying file structure, ever: anyone who tried to go to or whatever would be redirected to a 404 error page on the front end of the site. They wouldn’t even hit the login page that way. The ONLY way they’d be able to see those files is if they’ve already hacked you via bad ftp/ssh/hosting credentials, in which case, you’re in a deeper mess than WP can do anything about.

    Hi Amy,
    I understood, humm, till now my site didn’t get hacked.
    this is the wp-admin that worries me most as WordPess is so well known.
    I made some test all night and I think that there is a way to change before the installation process the wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content for what ever name and to rename all wp- files and keeping the WordPress running with the capabilities to install plugins of course and also the possibilities to update WordPress and plugins.
    I will keep trying to see the result who knows. I will come back to this post with the result.

    Thanks again Amy.

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    If you move wp-admin, you’ll break AJAX, just FYI.

    We generally don’t advocate it, as its a false security.

    Check out

    Ok I managed to do it, I renamed wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content and all wp- from the root directory. I did it before installing WordPress 3.3.2 with some little changes then zip it, upload it and start the installation process normally.
    To be sure I also did it on the original french version and is working too.
    Everything’s seems ok so far I am trying the both version right now with installation of plugins automatically.
    I will see and let the peoples interested in it the result.
    But I guess it can give more security.

    I did not move it or any other files or folder is not the point, I just rename it.


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    Renaming is the same as moving, really.

    The upgrade to 3.4 is going to blow all that up, you know.

    Ok I am not a expert just try it, I was curious to see if is possible as a lots of peoples taking about over the internet.
    For my pleasure personnel really and I know that it could be done.
    Thank you anyways for your comments.

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