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  1. inmote
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm a happy and satisfied user of the Boilerplate theme, so first a short thank you for this no-nonsense theme I can easily work with.

    However, in every child theme I cling onto it, I have a need of changing the sidebar files. You gave all the sidebar classes 'xoxo'.
    1. 'xoxo' reminds me of the way little Asian girls greet each other.
    2. I cannot style specific sidebars when they're all only named 'xoxo'.
    3. What does 'xoxo' stand for anyway? Is it a word like foo and bar?

    I would like to see the template improved to have id's for the sidebars. Now, I name them '#sidebar_primary' and '#sidebar_secondary' etc. to match the naming in the Widget section. Could you please add that?

    Also, could the 'xoxo' be renamed to something like 'sidebar'?

    Kind regards,
    Heidi Ulrich

  2. Aaron T. Grogg
    Theme Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks, inmote!

    Here's a link to explain xoxo:
    Which is related to:

    And my use of that class comes directly from the original Starkers, which is based pm TwentyTen, if I remember correctly.

    As for styling them, assuming you don't move your sidebar widgets around too often, there are plenty of well-supported CSS selectors to apply different styles to the various widgets:

    Otherwise, you pretty much just need to do a Find/Replace to either remove that class or replace it with something else.


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