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    My WordPress host allows me to have three active installations. I have two setup up now and would like to add a third. Before I do, I would like to organize my folders in my cPanel File Manager. One installation is contained in “public_html” folder. The second website is contained in “” folder. My third website will be contained in “” folder.

    I would like to rename the first website folder “public_html” to “” using the cPanel File Manager. I’m not sure if I can simply just rename the folder with damaging something else, so I wanted to ask it here.

    In my WordPress Admin panel > General Settings, I already have WordPress Address (URL) set to Same for the Site Address (URL).

    In all of the examples I’ve seen on the internet, they just show you how to move your installation from to something like, but that’s not what I’m doing here.

    Thank you.

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    The public_html directory is part of the server’s configuration. You’ll need to ask your hosting provider’s support if it can be changed (usually the answer is no).



    On a dedicated server where I had total control it would be possible to rename and adjust the configuration of a website root directory such as your public_html, but on a cPanel managed shared posting site it would be out of the question, among other issues you would be changing the domain name that anchors the hosted account.
    So rather than instruct you on how to do this change which I suspect is nearly impossible, may I ask WHY ?
    Can you explain in more detail just what problem you want to fix, how you want the new organization to operate and be managed ?
    Everything I know of cPanel managed hosted servers tells me that changing the public_html directory is going to bring a world of pain.




    Thanks for the reply. My reasoning is just because I like things organized. Simple as that. If I could have three folders for the three hosted websites with folder names of my choosing that would make me happy. But I guess I can’t, and that’s ok. I can at least have two folders with folder names of my choosing for the two additional hosted sites. I just can’t change my main site away from public_html. And that’s ok.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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