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  • Hi-

    I would like to go back and rename some of my images for my order posts.

    I have searched the documentation as well as for a plugin and have been unable to find any information on this.

    The closest I have found to what I am looking for is “WordPress organizer” at however it seems to no-longer be in active development and not compatible with WP 2.8 (at least in my test environment).

    I realize I can delete the image and re-upload them but this would not be the most efficient method. I thought this would be something I could do from within the Media -> Library option, but no such luck.

    Any suggestions or recommendations will be appreciated.



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  • I agree. This is a super important capability. It would work really nicely in combination with the snipi plugin which inexplicably does not allow the user to define the filename for images when they are grabbed…

    Anyone have a suggestion?

    why are you trying to rename the file? if you change the title of the image from the media manager it’ll change what’s displayed on all of your attachment pages and links.

    I’m not seeing why you would need to do this, I’d be happy to be educated though 🙂

    In my case, snipi automatically adds images to my library through there WP plugin . This plugin creates it’s own generic (25094.jpg) filename. I simply want to rename the file without affecting the meta or location etc…
    I can also anticipate at least a few instances where someone uploaded a file with a generic name and wants to change the name of the file to something meaningful (without having to upload it again)…
    My bigger question is “what is the theory behind preventing this from happening?” It seems so trivial to do technically speaking…

    This would be great! Also for thumbnails. Previous wordpress used to rename it into image.thumbnail.jpg and now into image-150×150.jpg

    It would be nice to bulk rename all the all thumbnail images.

    Definitely seconded! Would be a great feature.

    +1 – Looking forward to this being developed. No new plugins that support it yet?

    I would like to rename a .pdf file that’s in the media library because of a typo in the file name

    Anyone found anything yet? I really need to BATCH rename couple of thousands image titles i gave to images to help in SEO, as lately Ive seen in google webmaster tools that the word ‘ART’ taking first place and very far above 2 keywords i optimized the site for to rank and i guess its because i used too many times the word ART in image titles of albums and image galleries, so if i want to get the site optimized the way i need for the specific keywords i have to lower the word in my image titles/descriptions and wait for google to crawl again and see if the occurrences for that word lowered (keyword occurrences now at 34,660).

    Any one got an idea how to batch rename those image titles/descriptions? maybe through one the WP Database tables? Thanks A.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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