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    Just a simple question:
    Where/ how can I rename the Blog link in my WP installation?
    And where can I eventually delete it?

    I’m setting up a site with (more or less) static pages, not a blog. IF I’m to include a blog, in my mother language I would need to call it something else. I know this was easy earlier – now I just can’t find it.
    Sorry – it feels a bit silly.

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  • Just don’t install it in the “blog” directory 🙂

    Or, look over these two articles:
    Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory (advanced)

    I’m aware of the possibility to giv WP its own directory, but that’s not what I’m actually asking about.
    I just need to rename the link labelled “Blog”.
    From the beginning, when you install WP, there are 2 links in the menu: Blog (with a post and a comment in it) and About. About is a normal page, which you can rename or even delet under Manage -> Pages.
    But what about Blog? I can delete the post in it (“Hello world!”), but not delete Blog itself because its not in the Pages overview page.
    Its no problem to keep the Blog page – if I could just rename it.

    This sounds like a theme related question more than a WordPress question.

    Does the theme you’re using have “blog” hard coded in it? Why not just edit the theme or choose a different one?

    Granted, without a link to actually SEE the issue, we can only continue to guess.

    Sorry – just setting up a trial site here: – with the Blog as the final and not-to-get-rid-off link.

    If its a theme issue, I’d be glad to no. (The remix theme is commercial, so I’l get my answers there – if that’s the correct address.
    To choose an other theme is not an option – I hope…)
    Thanks 🙂

    – expected this to an easy one:
    How to rename the “Blog” (and “Blog” link) which appears in a fresh WP installation.
    I’ve done it before, so at least it WAS possible (in version 1.8). Something that’s left out now?

    WordPress isn’t putting “blog” there. Your theme is.

    Edit the theme (at a guess, header.php) and change blog to whatever makes you happy and calm.

    Or help me better understand what the issue here is.

    Thanks a lot – now I know where to start looking.

    Found it – hardcoded in the header.php file
    The solution was to remove a line, in this case the 2nd of these two (the second generates the rest of the menu):

    1ST LINE <?php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=menu_order&depth=5&title_li=’);?>
    2ND LINE <li class=”page_item”>/?page=1″ title=”Home”>Blog

    The clou was to understand how a theme is built up – and which files you can mess with without ruining everything.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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