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  • Resolved Rodrigo


    Hello guys,

    The plugin clears the image/file name and renames it with correct characters and all lowercase. But it only does this for the images/files I upload.

    So how to clean and rename existing images/files before of plugin is installed?


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  • Hi Rodrigo !

    I have the same issue 🙁
    did you find a solution to manage your issue ?
    If yes, I’m interested !

    Don’t have time right now to test but found this

    @tabasko seems that the support staff will not respond.

    Thanks, but the plugin you indicated has few installations and their support seems precarious, as the last support was 4 months ago.

    Anyway, thanks again.

    Plugin Contributor Gesen



    This plugin can not clean the filenames of existing files in the media library, as it says in the FAQ section here:

    And what would be the solution to these existing files?

    Another thing … I upload a PDF file, but the plugin did not clear the name.
    The names of the images are cleaned normally, but the one of the PDF file did not clean. From /Sample-File-Name.pdf continued /Sample-File-Name.pdf

    Plugin Contributor Gesen


    Since this plugin does not clean existing files, you’d have to find another plugin to do that.

    Regarding the PDF, did you change the plugin settings under Settings > Media to clean all files not just images?
    However, in your case the Sample-File-Name.pdf is already somewhat cleaned, except it has some uppercase characters.

    OK, I’m going to look for a plugin that does this cleanup of existing files.
    You could develop a way to clean existing files. Nor that you have to charge for every existing file cleanup. This is my suggestion.

    As for cleaning the pdf file, it was “Images only”, but now I changed it to “All file types”.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Plugin Contributor Gesen


    Let me know if you find any good solutions so I can recommend to other users. Until this plugin has that functionality.

    Yeah ! I’m following your next messages ! 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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