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  • I want to rename the text of the link in the admin menu, i want to replace “Blogroll” by “Links”.
    My WP language is french.

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  • From the admin pages:
    click on manage then categories, click edit next to blogroll.

    I mean the text in the admin menu :
    # Dashboard
    # Write
    # Manage
    # Comments
    # Blogroll (rename thos link anchor)


    thats not a field designed to be changed, i’d assume, from having been searching the term blogroll a lot recently, you’d need to hack about with the pages in wp-admin..

    why do you need to change it? Its only used in the admin pages, perhaps theres another way to solve your issue.

    I installed WP for a friend (and his others friends), they are not abble to distinguish between Blogroll and links page.
    It’s only to make it easier for them.

    It’s so damn easy. Go to your phpmyadmin, and look for the database table, called “wp_terms”. Now look for term_id “1”.
    This entry is very interesting. Change term_name from “Blogroll” (term_slug has to stay “blogroll”) to whatever you want. Have fun with it! 🙂

    It doesn’t work. I don’t have database table called “wp-terms”. I changed in “wp-categories” – blogroll into links. But it doesn’t show Links on site. Can you tell me more details, how can i change Blogroll >> Links?

    Thanks a lot.

    My current theme doesn’t have the term “blogroll”, but if I remember correctly, I just changed the term “blogroll” to something else in the theme files (sidebar.php would be my guess).

    Hello fouadovic, I had the same question and found the answer which works for my own WP 2.3 on bluehost. I use the standard administration tools, no fancy editing needed. Here is how:

    Go to your blog admin page. Click on the tab “Blogroll”. Click on the subtab “Categories”. Change the name of the category “Blogroll” to “Links”. Voila! You can check my own blog to see it works:



    You can rename the “Blogroll” admin menu item by using the WordPress Tweaks plugin.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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