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  • I was having some technical issues regarding content visibility and why my post were falling off rapidly.I did get some feedback from WP and I do appreciate the responses but it didnt help solve my issue .Now I have a post that is climbing rapidly and will probably be on the 1st page when my company name is googled anytime now.I can see why the WP support team may want to leave post up so that others with the same issues can benefit and save you guys time on going over the same issues However being that the responses werent the issues that I was dealing with .I cant see where it would be a benefit to anyone else and especially not me when every time my company is google searched there is a big posting discussing my technical issues which will certainly not win a potential consumers confidence or help someone that has the same issue .With that in mind is there anyway that someone would be willing to delete that post being that well meaning but could become a hindrance.

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    It is not the general policy to edit or delete forum posts. When a post is made and people contribute answers to an issue, that then becomes part of the community resource for others to benefit from. Editing or deleting posts removes this added value. In extreme circumstances, the moderation team might be persuaded to remove sensitive information but. generally, your best course of action is not to publish anything that you wouldn’t want to be public.

    I’m sorry but this is not an extreme case.

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