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  • I’m curious, I want to remove wordpress entirely from my server with Godaddy. I had installed it to test with on a subdomain and after learning from a few mistakes (non of which are relevant to go into), I’d like to start over fresh. I’m also going to remove the MySQL database that I created, because again, I want to start over completely new. In starting this, I’ve compared the files on my server with the files that come in the download of the wordpress application and have noticed a few inconsistencies:
    1. file name: .htaccess
    2. folder name: _db_backups

    My question is: should I delete these files as well? I am not using my server for anything other than wordpress. Will these files be recreated during the setup of wordpress, or will I end up doing something more horrendous to my hosting server?
    I do not recall the “.htaccess” file or the “_db_backups” folder being part of the base files on my server when when I first started to set it up. According to godaddy, the only base files on a linux server setup are:

    gdform.php and webformmailer.php

    I plan to leave these files on my server, but my instinct was to delete every other file, is this the correct way to go about it?

    Thank you,


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  • Additional question:
    Also, with regards to the php.ini file, if during my initial WordPress install, it changed anything to this file, how do I go about setting it to its default state, or is that even necessary?


    Just a little bump. Hoping for a bit more clarity on this subject.

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