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  • I have a stubborn theme which seems to not fully display elements within posts or pages. As it turns out, there’s a div in the main page template that includes:

    <?php the_content('Read the rest of this entry &raquo;'); ?>

    I’ve tried removing the div and the latter code but theres no luck in displaying everything on the page or post. Everytime I remove them, the content in the page or post disappears.

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  • Within the loop (the part that starts like if(have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post();), you should try adding the following code:

    global $more;
    $more = 1;

    That tells WordPress that you want to display the entire content of the post rather than just the content about the <!–more–> tag.

    You can read about the $more variable in this codex entry.

    Aha! Problem resolved….Thnx for your reply Curtiss. the problem actually derived from my browser – Chromium. its known for incorrectly displaying flash media. Time for a browser switch!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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