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  • Hello to all. I’ve seen various topics covering this but I”m new to php and stuff like that. I know more html then anything lol!

    Anyway I want to remove the | symbol and what looks like a path. you can see examples at where you click for example about and it will say something like about|wics|wics I want it to just say “about” or “contact” or what ever the title of the link is when you click it. You can see other samples at and and also and click on the skype link to see the | symbol and path like thing.

    suggestions? What should I do. I want my site not to look like that. and we have a conference in may we are to attend and I must change it way before then.


    Oh btw I’m using the twentyten them on some sites and the twentyeleven theme on some others. I can’t remember which ones at the moment.


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  • I don’t see what you’re refering to, but in any case, it sounds like you’re talking about meta and the meta seperator |. You can find the meta code and the offending elements in your template, or use an in browser dev tool like firebug to find and hide the css for the element.

    For example when you click about our DJ’s you will see

    about our dj’s | | WICSWICS

    What a mess. I just want to see our DJ’s

    I use a child theme of my theme so I don’t have to redo everything during a theme update. but I’ll look in the parent stile.css and see if there’s anythign there.

    Ok. I looked in style.css for my twenty eleven theme andI can’t find anything that indicates what I should try and remove. This is for another site but the same hopefully will apply to the wics site as well. here is a link to the style thing.

    Take care and hope I gave the right file.

    That’s doing it the hard way. This kind of thing should always be done using an in browser dev tool like mozilla firebug. No one should have to (or wants to) sift code for such a change.

    if you have no idea what firebug is, just take a few min to aquaint yourself with it, I prmoise you, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

    I use safari on a mac so firebug might not work, unless you know of a wordpress plugin that will do all of this for me? Not all of my peeps use firefox. In fact I believe most of them use some form of IE.

    Take care.

    Safari has an in-browser dev tool too, not sure what they call it but I’m sure you could find out. trust me, you need it.. once you get the basics of how it works you’ll be able to accomplish this goal and many other tweaks in a few min, rather than hours searching for the code.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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