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  1. Ricrogram
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    Hi, I know there are previous posts relating to this but none have quite the same set of circumstances as mine. I have created a wordpress.org website and right at the start I set-up a temporary URL (may not have been the right thing to do) along with the hosting plan. The reason being the company wanted their old site to stay live while I developed the new one. Once finished I set up my clients URL as being "Parked" on the new site and they created an A Record their end to point at the new site. It's working well but with two problems I want to overcome:
    1) Once a user goes past the home page the address showing in the browser is the temporary one.
    2) I need to keep paying for the temporary URL for the site to keep working.
    I notice the temporary address is used a lot in the site especially for database addresses for images etc and I am wondering if there is a way I can configure the site so I don't need the temp URL and the URL which is pointing at it shows in the browser address panel - Thanks - Richard

  2. Pioneer Web Design
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  3. michael.mariart
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    Download this tool and follow the instructions.


    The problem that you are having is that the URl of your site is still set to the old temporary domain. Because of this, your site will always try to point back there. The other problems happen because all of the links inside your posts/pags are hard-coded back to the temporary domain. This tool gores through the database and changes those URl references fro the old domain to the new domain for you.

    As with anything like this, be sure to do a full back up of your database before doing anything - just in case!

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