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    Currently the plugin do not disable the upload button, but that’s a great idea for next version. Default display zoom level also not yet configurable by the plugin yet.

    We appreciate your testing and will consider your feature requests.



    @silverporl – see my post in this support thread!

    Hidden features revealed / Framework not current




    I found a hack to remove the buttons if you want. The plugin uses an iframe of the file stable/web/viewer.html to display the pdf. So you just have to comment the menus you don’t want in this file and they won’t appear in your viewer. Here’s the part I modified for reference :

    <div id="secondaryToolbar" class="secondaryToolbar hidden doorHangerRight">
              <div id="secondaryToolbarButtonContainer">
                <button id="secondaryPresentationMode" class="secondaryToolbarButton presentationMode visibleLargeView" title="Switch to Presentation Mode" tabindex="51" data-l10n-id="presentation_mode">
                  <span data-l10n-id="presentation_mode_label">Presentation Mode</span>
                <!--<button id="secondaryOpenFile" class="secondaryToolbarButton openFile visibleLargeView" title="Open File" tabindex="52" data-l10n-id="open_file">
                  <span data-l10n-id="open_file_label">Open</span>
                <button id="secondaryPrint" class="secondaryToolbarButton print visibleMediumView" title="Print" tabindex="53" data-l10n-id="print">
                  <span data-l10n-id="print_label">Print</span>
                <button id="secondaryDownload" class="secondaryToolbarButton download visibleMediumView" title="Download" tabindex="54" data-l10n-id="download">
                  <span data-l10n-id="download_label">Download</span>
                <a href="#" id="secondaryViewBookmark" class="secondaryToolbarButton bookmark visibleSmallView" title="Current view (copy or open in new window)" tabindex="55" data-l10n-id="bookmark">
                  <span data-l10n-id="bookmark_label">Current View</span>
                <div class="horizontalToolbarSeparator visibleLargeView"></div>-->
                <button id="firstPage" class="secondaryToolbarButton firstPage" title="Go to First Page" tabindex="56" data-l10n-id="first_page">
                  <span data-l10n-id="first_page_label">Go to First Page</span>
                <button id="lastPage" class="secondaryToolbarButton lastPage" title="Go to Last Page" tabindex="57" data-l10n-id="last_page">
                  <span data-l10n-id="last_page_label">Go to Last Page</span>
                <!--<div class="horizontalToolbarSeparator"></div>
                <button id="pageRotateCw" class="secondaryToolbarButton rotateCw" title="Rotate Clockwise" tabindex="58" data-l10n-id="page_rotate_cw">
                  <span data-l10n-id="page_rotate_cw_label">Rotate Clockwise</span>
                <button id="pageRotateCcw" class="secondaryToolbarButton rotateCcw" title="Rotate Counterclockwise" tabindex="59" data-l10n-id="page_rotate_ccw">
                  <span data-l10n-id="page_rotate_ccw_label">Rotate Counterclockwise</span>
                <div class="horizontalToolbarSeparator"></div>-->
                <button id="toggleHandTool" class="secondaryToolbarButton handTool" title="Enable hand tool" tabindex="60" data-l10n-id="hand_tool_enable">
                  <span data-l10n-id="hand_tool_enable_label">Enable hand tool</span>
                <!--<div class="horizontalToolbarSeparator"></div>
                <button id="documentProperties" class="secondaryToolbarButton documentProperties" title="Document Properties…" tabindex="61" data-l10n-id="document_properties">
                  <span data-l10n-id="document_properties_label">Document Properties…</span>
            </div>  <!-- secondaryToolbar -->

    That’s a bad way to solve this problem since it will disapear at next update, but it should do the trick until the devs add an option for this.

    Hello Envigeek and Dolomich,

    Thank you for posting the method to comment out the Download button from the viewer.html, but for some reason when I comment the download line, or even do any changes in the viewer.html, it won’t show the pdf file at all.
    I see the rest of the buttons on the top bar, but only a black window where the pdf file should be loaded.

    I see it nicely works in the examples you posted below link.

    Am I missing anything, what do you think?

    Thank you,

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