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    I am using the category description field to display html on my website, since I wanted to write inside the categories. The downside with this plugin, is that the title attribute of the category a href link, is flooded with all the content I use as a Description.
    Would you be so kind to tell me how to disable the title attribute for the Categories link?


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  • Plugin Author Rincewind


    Erm the short answer right is that you can’t right now.

    I have a couple of solutions.

    1. I could leave the description as it is and strip out the HTML and continue to use it in the title. This is a quicker fix.


    2. I add an extra option as a toggle to use the description as the title. This would need to be done for all the different types and so will take longer.


    I am not sure if stripping out HTML would work in my case. The Description field starts with a <h2> tag and <p> tag thereafter, however there is no declaration it is HTML inside that field, the first line is just <h2>Title of this category</h2>.

    Of course the option would be more than welcome and would fix the issue, however if it takes time I’d go for a quicker fix if there is one. Thanks for the support

    Any news?

    Plugin Author Rincewind


    @zerot28 I’m confused as to what your saying, you said you was using the category description to display html on your website. So stripping out the html you’ve put in the category description would solve the problem your having would it not?

    @zerot28 Scrap what I said about I’ve just checked my code, and I am not actually using the description in the title as you suggested, I am using a core wordpress function to create the section for the categories, and as such if this is causing you an issue, it maybe down to another addon perhaps, or it maybe coded into the wordpress core, something which I can’t fix or change in the core. I’ve checked other sites that are using the same plugin you are and haven’t seem the title=”” attribute being used on links for the category section.


    actually my website is pretty basic and i am not using any weird add on or plugin.
    This is a screenshot of your plugin output on a sitemap page:

    As you can see it is indeed using a title tag and all that info is under the “description” section of the category as html code, so again I do not know what is wrong but that’s exactly what’s happening.

    Any idea?

    By the way, I have checked and this issue is not happening with other html sitemap plugins, so it is quite weird. I’d like to use yours because it is more customizable though and overall seems to have better settings, but this cannot obviously go to a sitemap because the code would be disrupted and putting all that text (which is duplicated content) in a title is obviously bad practice. Let me know if you have an idea to fix this or a solution :\

    Also, the sites you have checked probably have an empty category description field, that is why you do not see a title=” tag. For some of my categories which are without description, no title tag is used.

    Plugin Author Rincewind


    The categories are made using this core WordPress function “wp_list_categories”, the details of which are on the linke below.

    The very last option is what your reporting “use_desc_for_title” by default this function uses the category description as the title parameter.

    Therefore the only option is to add in an option so that is configurable. I can do this, but will need to be when I have some free time.

    Looking at the picture you linked, there is no HTML in the title tag.


    the HTML was removed and only text was kept by the function. That’s why I thought that stripping out HTML would have not worked.
    I would be willing to do a donation to fix this, however I do need a sitemap for the site in days and not in weeks or months, since it is now a duplicate of the xml file we have, so I hope it doesn’t take too much time to fix.

    I added the parameter ‘use_desc_for_title’ => ‘0’ to the code and it worked for now.

    Plugin Author Rincewind


    Thank you for the reply, I’ll mark this as resolved if you are happy with the temporary solution?

    Thanks, yes it worked and the problem is solved this way.

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