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  • i would like to remove the timestamp, author, categories, ‘leave a comment’ from the bottom of posts. there is also a hyphen or underscore in part of that coding that i also cannot remove.

    from everything i have read, i was able to remove the timestamp on individual posts but i cannot find information that relates to my theme: Ari 1.0.7 by Elmastudio. should i look for the timestamp coding on the page.php? style.css? the index.php does not have any of the coding. im not well versed in this so anything helps! my website is

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  • Hi bytblog,

    That information is referred to as post meta. Using Firefox with the Firebug extension, you can see what CSS is used to style that part of your post. You can then add


    to that CSS element in your theme’s style.css file.

    Hope this helps!

    thanks for your reply. i have attempted your suggestion but i cant seem to find the CSS element for that part of the post in my style.css file.

    this is a little bit over my head and im slowly learning. can you break it down a little further please.

    Hello again bythblog,

    I’d love to provide some more insight but I’m unable to view the elements on your site with Firebug in Firefox due to right clicking being disabled on your site. I would suggest using Firebug with either Firefox or Chrome to help you identify the elements on your page and what CSS rules are styling those elements. From there you can create a Child Theme and edit the CSS as needed to hide the elements you do not want to display using display: none; in your style.css file.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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