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  • How can i make that i can remove that white text from the header(image), without losing my <title> tags?


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  • Okay, which white text?

    Go into your style.css or header.php and look for the #header style reference and change the color to whatever you want.

    you could just comment it out in the header.php (if i am understanding you correctly).

    I don’t want to change the color, i want the whole text out…


    are you talking about the
    Your place for graphic designs!” on your headerimage?
    In your headr.php file look for the div=header and find the template tags for bloginfo('name') and bloginfo('description')
    Delete, edit, comment out, whatever. Or, alternatively you can make “invisible” through CSS by display: none.

    Umm — an aside here – but can css display:none be seen as spaming a SE?
    I know its a legit command – but what would happen if I filled a page with “invisible text” – just wondering , dont want to upset Big G 🙂

    Well, it’s still not working guys…it’s either it’s deleted (totally, including the tage which means bad for search engines) or showed…i want it not to show, but still exist….how??

    Thanks for trying to help, guess i’m a little slow

    well…you kind of are asking for your cake and eat it too. if you want it to be invisible, you have to try what moshu suggested. there is the concern that murry brought up, which i don’t know how much of a concern it really is (google may ignore invisible text, or maybe even de-list your site, or do nothing…i don’t know).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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