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    I am developing a site for an artist that is using a photography theme that recommends a specific portfolio plugin. WordPress Editor places that portfolio after the text area for the page, creating an abnormally large gap or space between the pages title and the portfolio. As my client does not wish to add any text here, is there a way to remove the text area? I believe this is the code for that area, but when I delete the element nothing happens. As the site is unpublished, I cannot provide an accessible link.

    <p role="textbox" aria-multiline="true" aria-label="Empty block; start writing or type forward slash to choose a block" class="rich-text block-editor-rich-text__editable wp-block-paragraph" contenteditable="true" style="white-space: pre-wrap;"><span data-rich-text-placeholder="Start writing or type / to choose a block" contenteditable="false"></span></p>

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  • Joy


    WordPress Editor places that portfolio after the text area for the page

    No, the plugin positions itself, by using metaboxes or the sidebar. It was likely written for the Classic Editor, and might not even be up-to-date with working in the block editor.
    That <p> tag is not the editor.
    If your client is never going to write text, it is doubtful they would want to do blocks either, so you might be better off installing the Classic Editor plugin. That would be easier to manipulate (it’s an <iframe> tag) with parameters or CSS to change the height. Or you might not need to if the portfolio plugin is built for that.

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