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  • Q1. You don’t need to use a code snippet to hide the Review tab. Just go to the product page, Product data section, Advanced tab, and uncheck the Enable reviews box.

    Q2. To add code snippets, first make a child theme. This is so that if your theme is updated your customisations are not lost. Next, make a file called functions.php in your child theme’s directory. Put your selected code snippets in there. Be sure to start the file with <?php The functions.php you just made is executed before and in addition to the functions.php in the template theme.

    “lorro” is right… follow his guidelines.

    Anyway, I would like to use woocommerce just as a catalog showcase at the moment without sell anything so: how to remove / hide tabs also in the backend? I would like to be able to see just the attribute tab…

    PS: I know there is but it doesn’t hide backend tabs… and it is expensive for me at the moment… 🙁

    Thank you!

    Could you give me a direction as to how I can add the attributes data right after the short description, in the short description tab?

    And you were right about the reviews tab, much easier solution, thank you so much!:)

    Found a solution to remove product data tabs in backend:

    Install this plugin: (or something similar)

    Add these css: .general_options {display:none !important;}

    With that rule you can hide the general price tab.
    If you need to remove others tabs just add separated by , these classes:

    .general_options, .inventory_options, .shipping_options, .advanced_options, .linked_product_options, .attribute_options, .advanced_options  {display:none !important;} `

    (all af these classes remove all tabs… so write only tabs you want to delete!!!)

    Where should I post my question on how to add the additional information tab content (which is the attributs’ data) into the short description tab?

    Thank you

    You need to copy the files which display your product from woocommerce plugin folder to your theme folder and customize them… You just need to place the attribute php strings in your description file…
    But that require some knowledge…

    This forum is the most relevant.

    You can look for a plugin.

    Otherwise, the solution will involve making a modified page template by rewriting the PHP code. Its really a code development project. You may have to post a job.

    Could you please give me some direction as to how I should do this?

    I thought it should be something like mungle described.

    I am not an expert on php, but it seems to me that I just have to find the correct file and paste the necessary code to show the attribute’s information.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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