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  • Resolved bob


    Hello all,
    I’m trying to remove the wording “Recent Posts” from the bottom of the Twenty Twelve theme.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Ryan Cowles


    It looks like you are using the Twenty Eleven theme. First, you should always create a child theme or use a custom CSS plugin, instead of editing the theme directly. If you edit the theme directly then any changes that you made will be lost when the theme is updated.

    In regards to your specific issue, it looks like you are using the Showcase template on the page in question. If you are going the child theme route, you can copy slideshow.php into your child theme directory and then edit it.

    You’ll want to find the part that generates the Recent Posts section in showcase.php and remove it. The beginning of it looks like <section class="recent-posts">. In the unedited theme Twenty Eleven 1.5, this is on line 159. Then you want to find the end of it (line 212), which looks like </section><!-- .recent-posts -->. Remove all of that (line 159 through line 212). This will stop that section from being generated by theme.

    If you just want to hide it with CSS, you can simply add the following to your child theme’s style.css, or to your Custom CSS plugin:

    .page-template-showcase-php .recent-posts {
    	display: none;

    The above will hide the recent posts section on pages using the Showcase template.

    Personally, I would recommend the first option, as it will stop the entire section from being generated, instead of just hiding it. However, either way should do the trick. If you have any questions, just give me a shout.

    Thanks Ryan!

    Ryan Cowles


    Glad to help!



    WO WO WO WO WO!!!!!!
    I had this issue and it to me all day to find out how to fix it without changing any codes and having to create a a Child Theme. Its much simpler and the option is already built into the system/theme, its just hidden a little bit LOL. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS watch this video I found made by Blue Host. Just got to youtube and search “How to Use WordPress (4 of 7) – Creating a Static Page” in the video they address this very exact question with the exact theme Twentytwelve eleven whatever. Now once you follow the instructions you might have to go to the pages tab and delete any previos post that might be on there. Trust me it works and the option is already built in the theme. There will be know “Recent Posts” texts on your site. IT TOOK me all day to find this answer also so Dont feel bad. Have a great day!!!



    Just copy and paste thats search into youtube’s search box. Hope that helps.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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