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    I would like to remove the read more button from excerpts on the presentation page.

    Removing all the read more buttons from the excerpts everywhere seems no problem if this is easier as the titles and thumbnails are already linked. On the presentation page of my site are featured articles so they are linked in the slider title and thumbnail already and they just take up space and clutter up the page with a thoroughly redundant feature.

    How can I lose these buttons?

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  • Hi,

    What about using a simple CSS rule to hide the read more links on posts? In a custom CSS editor or child theme, add this rule:

    .post a.continue-reading-link {
      display: none;

    This leaves the Read more link on the slider. I hope this helps.

    Thank you so much! This looks right as far as my still in it’s infancy knowledge of CSS goes. I’ve only been doing this a very short time to accomplish specific goals and my understanding is limited.

    I just grasped what selector is and How the “.” overrides the other CSS (I think:) After seeing your example and doing a little research. Although I’m still unclear as to what the function of the “a” is.

    I’ve started the site you see in the link. Surprisingly It’s been quite busy from day one. Due to my stunning lack of knowledge many of the little changes I’ve made are directly in the files. I have disabled up dates for the time being. I also have a couple of development sites I’ve cloned over to other TDLS. to work with. In order to not kill the site by messing up the continuity my plan was to incorporate the many small changes into a child theme as I gain enough skill to do this properly.

    In a nutshell my knowledge is still a little to incidental to know how to apply this directly (but if you want to make a shadow box or speed up your RSS feed I’m your guy 🙂 You’ve already been a great help by leading me in the right direction, if you would be so kind as to nudge me forward through the first application of this I would be forever in your debt and will likely be able to apply it to future changes in other areas.

    I may seem a bit cautious but the main site has seen 2k comments and over 85k hits in the first three weeks or so and I don’t want to mess this up with wonky user annoying errors and sloppy graphics 🙂

    I’m going to mark this resolved! After having a piece of CSS that actually worked to try out in the custom style editor I’ve went farther forward in my knowledge than in any other single day. I understand the utility of the custom CSS editors now and have had a “light bulb” moment with the CSS as well. I can see how to change (and have!) many of the things I wish to now. I’m not hitting the bulls-eye every time yet but I’m hitting the target I was completely missing before.

    Thanks for the suggestion and example you’ve opened some previously closed doors wide!

    Hi Smedley,

    I’m glad you’ve solved the issue. Since you’re hungry for knowledge, there’s a great training module on child themes here on

    Here’s the link:

    As far as I understand, it’s the preliminary step towards a comprehensive, standards-compliant training program that we might expect will be carried out on I hope it sees the light of day.

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