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    Please forgive me if this question has been addressed elsewhere. I have searched for a solution, and have found several posts that propose solutions to this question, but not specifically for this theme. Perhaps I am not searching properly? My main concern is with removing the home button.

    I am trying to remove the home button from

    I tried removing Home from the menu (dashboard > appearance > menus), but it continued to appear on my site. I tried creating a new menu without Home, and deleted the old menu, but Home will not go away.

    Finally, I tried modifying the header.psp in my child theme but was not successful. I tried commenting out any and all code that referenced “home” or “header” but nothing changed.

    What else can I try? Please advise.

    Thank you in advance.



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  • Right click seems to be disabled on your site – which makes it quite difficult for people to help you.

    hmmm…that’s odd…definitely not what i intended. please try again. i deleted the index.psp in the child theme, so maybe that fixed the right click issue?

    hello again,

    @wpyogi i’m not sure how the right click issue can be resolved. when i try to right click on the site it works fine.

    i am still having issues removing the home button. i even found a couple resolved posts about how to remove the home button in the spun theme, but the posts suggest solutions that are slightly different than what i am looking for. one post suggested removing the menu entirely, but i want to display other pages, just not the home button. another post suggested modifying the functions.psp, but the moment i tried to copy functions.psp into my child theme it caused a fatal error, not to mention the code that was referenced in functions.psp is not there at all.

    ideally, i would like to remove the home button entirely AND still have a menu to display other pages. i am using a logo to link to the home page and do not need another link to home…it’s just redundant.

    any advice on how to remove the home button without removing other links/pages would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

    Right click is fine – might have been my browser being weird, sorry about that. I was hoping there would be an easy CSS way to hide that menu item, but alas, no. Assuming that you’ve not modified the menu code that’s on your site now? I can look into another method – but not until tomorrow – as I’m not on a good computer for that kind of thing.

    BTW, the style.css file really isn’t correct – you have a copy of the whole thing after a few custom styles that negates those custom CSS and it’s not a good idea to have all that duplicate code.

    @wpyogi no worries. thank you for the speedy reply, and thank you for the heads up on the duplicate code. i will delete all the extra code i have in there shortly.

    i found the problem…as it is with most newbies…i was missing a simple check box. i literally found the “on” switch. there is a check box at the bottom of the menu options that sets the menu to be the “primary menu.” once i clicked this check box it worked perfectly. the answer was so painfully simple.

    thanks again for all your help. much appreciated. i am marking this as resolved.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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