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  • I would like to remove the default (and all, for that matter) border that appears around photos when posting within my blog.

    My Site can be found at

    Any one have any ideas?

    Many thanks!!

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  • Have a look to style.css and search for the tag “img”. Make sure the css looks like :
    (or border:0px; I don’t remember)


    I agree with edlee and to resolve your image border problem you have to edit the style.css file of your theme and set the border value for image tag to none.


    Shane G.

    many thanks!

    it worked!!!

    You can see the nice effect it gives on my blog

    What if I just want to remove the border of one or two images. It wouldn’t be efficient to remove the border of all the images in the CSS. Is there a way to remove the border of any image while leaving the other images alone? I know CSS pretty well, but I can’t find a solution for this.

    This is an issue that has been haunting me (and a few other WordPress users from the looks of it on the forums) for a long time, and I would really appreciate if someone . Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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