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Removing the background on the sides/ Making own *boxes*

  • totalmajor


    Hey guys, I’m new to using wordpress and just recently installed/ started playing around with the CMS. I have a few questions , I’ve figured out most of the stuff I need to edit except for the background image for the boarders.

    How would I take this background image off?

    How could I turn the sections into *boxes* like I have on my home page @ http://tyro-design.net
    (I’m trying to remake what I have there )


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  • There over 1,000 themes… How could we know which one is active on your blog?



    Sorry, I’m talking about the default one that comes with wordpress



    The default one’s a bit of a bear to tweak. As I recall, those backgrounds are images.

    Have you checked out http://themes.wordpress.net/ to see if there’s something closer to what you’re after?



    Hey, I’ve been looking for layouts and finally find one that MAY be a candidate for my website.. i already installed it (http://tyro-design.net/wordpress/) The only problems are that instead of the *header* going across the whole page I would only like it to be centered in the middle with an actual image inside it..

    I looked through the style.css and couldn’t find any classes controlling it so I went through the header.php and still no luck.

    If I could get that menu to be on the left instead of the top and a picture centered in the middle for the header I’ll be a happy camper, but for the past few hours I haven’t been able to figure it out..


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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