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    I’m trying to work out how to remove a couple of items which are appearing on all my blog posts. Check out the link below:

    And then below the DISQUS comments box, you will see the two links. From what I can work out, it looks like it is part of the DISCUS comments box.

    Any ideas how I can disable these two links, and whether it has anything to do with DISCUS?

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  • It’s Disqus.

    If you view source, you’ll see the dsq-subscribe-email class wraps around them. Which means, y’know, disqus 😀

    Go to and see if they have directions.

    Ah yes, I see. Thanks – learning as I go (from a very low level!).

    Found the right link on Disqus, sent support an email.

    Hide “Subscribe by email” and “RSS” links

    Any ideas how I edit the CSS for Disqus to amend that? Assume I need to edit the source code, rather than on every post each time?

    You edit your theme’s style.css

    I’ve had a look, can’t find any reference to Disqus in the theme’s style.css?

    Well … yes. That’s the point 🙂 You’re supposed to ADD those to your theme to teach it how to handle the display.

    I spoke to Disqus, within the plugin there is an area where you could enter the code.

    All done, working fine now, but thanks for the assist!

    Disqus > Settings > Appearances > Custom CSS

    a.dsq-subscribe-email, a.dsq-subscribe-rss {
    display: none;
    a.dsq-subscribe-email em, a.dsq-subscribe-rss em {
    display: none;

    voila, no more stupid subscribe links
    edit: wouldn’t have found that out without firebug

    Hmm hiding functionality through Appearance…thanks for spotting this though.

    Hello samesamebutbetter its amazing its working:)
    My question is: How can i hide the direction of comments from the right lower heel?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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