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  • Hello – first of all it took me an hour to find out how to start a new thread!
    I have also been about 4 hours going through support forums in codex with no luck what so ever.My brains are fried trying to have a decent site.

    I am trying to remove the white space at the top of my page content – directly below the header. I have collapsed the header and just have the nav bar showing at the top of page. Below that is white space that needs to be removed (all of it).I have custom css and am using the inkblot template wordpress 4.4.2. I have tried so many codes through the codex that it is ridiculous. After hours one just wants to give up. Why does wordpress have to be a tech nightmare? My site is There is a metaslider just below the nav bar in content area and about a 1/2″ white space in between I would like to get rid of. I will give you admin privileges if you wish to take a look.

    I appreciate your time on this. After this one last attempt, I am going to give up – having spent so many hours on this that I am totally burnt out.

    Thanks – Steve

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  • Look at your CSS. Main has a padding of 1rem. If you change that and possibly put a negative margin-top there, you’ll be flush with the menu.

    Hi Steve,

    Meta Slider is inserting a p tag like

    <p><!-- meta slider --></p>

    that is having a line-height: 1px;

    That’s causing the issue.

    Thanks for your response Gary and Becky.But I could not make it happen. I am not to keen in finding these places in the editor unless they are labeled there as such. I could not find anywhere in the editor with any “Main” prefix. I tried a few other places and it did not work.
    As far as going into the plug editor – that place is a real nightmare! It would take me days to go through all the different sections in that. I am not going there unless I knew where to go. There was no <p><!– meta slider –></p> anywhere I could find.
    I guess I am just sol. This is what I mean about wordpress being a technological nightmare. A simple adjustment is all this should be but I simply cannot bear to spend any more hours on this. This is what I have always contended: that wordpress is made for developers and coders, not inexperienced people. Why don’t developers list places like this to show one where to go when they make these templates? AS usual, I have to give up and just settle for a crappy look I guess.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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