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    Hi, I’d like to remove the rss-links in the meta part of the sidebar. I got a few other things there, and with the rss links its just to full. Is it possible to remove the links?

    I still want people to be able to subscribe to my blog – I wont remove that through removing the links, right?

    Forgot: I want to remove the wordpress link aswell – it will still be at the bottom of the page.

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  • DeanK


    Depending on the theme you’re using, this code is usually in a file like sidebar.php in the theme folder. You can edit it directly there, with a little bit of HTML knowledge it’s pretty easy to do.

    See Using Themes in the docs:

    If you have correct permission settings, you can edit the theme through the admin login — click on Presentation then Theme Editor. Careful though — once you update there’s no undo.

    When I do this, what I do is cut-and-paste the whole sidebar.php (if that’s the right file for your theme) into a plain text file (you could use Notepad — I prefer UltraEdit). Then, I do my edits within the browser, and if I make any mistakes, I can always restore from the version I have kept aside.

    >> I still want people to be able to subscribe to my blog – I wont remove that through removing the links, right?

    You’re not removing files like your feed when you do this, just the link to it. It’s only a link you’re changing — the feed links should still be in your <head> code for the page, so the feeds are still there (to be recognised by Firefox etc) — but I’m not an expert on Feeds so someone else may have better info on that for you!



    Thanks for your reply, but the sidebar only has the wp-loginout thing and wp-meta in it – how can I edit what wp-meta displays?



    Got it, I can edit what wp_meta display in widgets.php in wp-includes

    If you want to remove everything from the Meta menu (in WordPress Version 2.5.1) except for the Site Admin and Login/Logout links in the Meta menu then go to the widgets.php file in the wp-includes directory and remove lines 532-535.

    If you want to change the name of the Meta menu to something else go to line 525 and change where it says ‘Meta’ on that line to whatever you like within the quotes.

    I hope this helps.




    Deleting lines 532-535 in the widgets.php file worked beautifully for me.

    Thank you very much!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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