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REmoving remnants of previous plugins and functionality

  • Can someone help me. Every time my home page loads i see it transferring data an the server is itk.socialspark.com which I know is something to do with Izea or payperpost. incidentally, payperpost is also performing a data transfer.

    In Firefox web developer plugin I checked the javascripts that were called, some were “normal” calls but then I see this:

    + http://tinyurl.com/2b5ojn
    + http://payperpost.com/javascripts/Objects/Url.js

    + these indicate that they an be expanded and the JS code can be viewed.

    I know I deleted the functionality for this a LONG time ago but I cannot seem to get rid of these remnants. Can anyone help. I have no header calls to these files, I have no plugins, I cleansed the wp-options that referenced it.

    Your help would really be appreciated to get rid of this damned annoyance, my site is here – http://nostatus.com

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  • Ack, ignore this. Close this. I had to update footer code and I spotte the function that was causing this. How crazy, I was trying to find out why this was doing this for a few days and then I just find it the minute I ask for help.

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