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    I need some help getting rid of over 50 redirect chains that I may have gotten from trying your plugins today. Including a tie-in with Disqus that I don’t trust at all. Do you know of any way I can rid of all of them. I am remaining calm, but very disappointed. I have read the work to be done is crazy!
    If you use GTmetrix scan you can see the redirects yourself. My score with them went from 95 to 67 in one day and speed of site doubled to 4.5 sec.
    Yesterday I had 2 redirects from Google CSE to over 50 from every malware imagined today.
    I was going to subscribe to 2 addons. Have since removed all except the redirect chain malware

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I’m not currently encountering any redirects in the browser and GTMetrix returns a PageSpeed score of 96%.

    I see your domain is using CloudFlare, so be sure to clear the cache on CloudFlare’s end when testing changes. It’s possible you already removed the problem and were just seeing cached content making it seem like the redirects were still existing.



    Yes, I know. I checked a few minutes ago as well.
    Was spending money trying to get rid of the ‘redirect chains’. Also did an optimization of my database twice.
    But they came from these plugins!? Yes they did! ! Is it possible that Disqus which is weak and desperate did this? Maybe stop your affiliation. As should everyone! Not one good review in WP plugins in 2 years.
    But, there was a time when you looked at the “about page” of a Tech company you saw a few Tech Nerds proud of their work and smiling from ear to ear! But now you see nothing, no one is proud of their work and wants to tell the world.
    Let’s hide away from everyone they say, they will think we are white. Then we can screw up all we want!
    Anyhow I am gone. Will prepare a review later! very %$@#^ UP!

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    @healthy-lawn-dude Disqus would be adding tracking scripts at your webpages, most probably. You would like to read https://deciphertools.com/blog/fix-disqus-mixed-content-errors/, if you have enabled Disqus social commenting mode.
    Plugin can’t control any tracking scripts which the third-party embedded widgets (Facebook Comments, Disqus Comments etc.) add at the webpages. These scripts definitely add to the page load time.

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