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  • *puts helmet and suit on*

    There has been talks on meetup groups, wordcamps and on WP forums (this one and others) about how to make your WordPress installation safer…

    removing admin user and registering another one, not having your password as password/1234567890/etc, removing the version of your WordPress and so forth.

    WordPress security came up at a dinner meeting at work…like the admin username, if you keep it then the hacker has 1/2 what he/she/it needs to do evil stuff on your site.

    So the “Powered by WordPress” (and varitation of it) on the theme’s footer…isn’t that like having ADMIN as your user, you are helping the hacker?

    If they do not know what CMS/script/software you are using, it is another step to slow them down?

    They would have to guess if your site is using WordPress, or one of the other CMS?

    Same thing if you are using one of the other CMS. The more information you give about your website, the more the hackers will have to hack your site.

    That is how the conversation went.

    What do you think?

    I attend WordCamps and I tell people I attend WordCamps so a lot of people know my sites use WordPress.

    I am just curious what the WP Community thinks of the whole POWERED BY WORDPRESS links.

    Also the whole WP-admin/content labels for those directories came up. Let’s focus on the footer link. thank you people, you are all awesome.

    Edit: For the record, I haven’t removed the powered by WordPress links on most of my sites (3 sites, I had to as clients told me to remove them, I had no choice, I like getting paid for my work).

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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