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  • Hi there,

    I tried to remove the “powered by wordpress” line on my website www . sebastianwolff . de running on 3.5.1 using the origami theme. I inserted

    #site-generator {
    display: none;

    in style.css which doesn’t make any chances even after refrshing my browser with F5. I have no knowledge about coding – I found this in a forum.
    Also for some reason the copyright line is not centered. Any idea how to change it back to center?
    Many thanks in advance,


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  • CSS code is totally theme and site specific, so no, it would not likely work.

    That’s not a valid URL…this site [link removed] (dot) info/ is using twentytwelve. ??

    OK, I didn’t know that.

    I know it’s invalid i inserted spaces – I though maybe in this way google won’t track this comment and show it in connection to my page. The country ending is .DE – the .INFO one is another page – that guy has the same name as me.


    This CSS should work:

    #footer .designed {
        display: none;

    BUT, are you modifying theme files? If so, your changes will be overwritten and lost when the theme is updated. You should instead be using a Child Theme or custom CSS option/plugin (for CSS only – if you need to modify other theme files, you need a child theme).

    Perfect, that worked! 🙂 Thanks a lot! I pasted it into custom CSS. Still the copyright is not centered for whatever reason, but ok.

    Are the themes updated automatically and my code is overwritten even when I don’t touch my site and don’t make any updates myself? I am a wordpress beginner – 4 weeks ago I had no clue how a ftp upload works. I don’t think I’ll be able to build the child theme. Looks too complicated to me right now… :-/

    Are you making changes to theme files (not custom CSS or theme options in your dashboard)? Those are the ones you should not be doing except in a child theme.

    Where are you entering the copyright? Was that a edit to the footer.php file?

    Mhh I am not sure – the changes I made were to those files found under “edit”. Basically footer.php, header.php, page.php and style css.
    I should not be doing changes here because it’s not allowed or because my changes might get overwritten by an automatic update? Sorry for my naive questions – this is really something I don’t understand at all…

    The copyright is entered in theme settings – actually I just deleted it, I can live with that solution. Doesn’t really make sense is this case to use it anyway… 😉

    Your questions are fine :). That’s what we (try) to do here!

    Yes, the overwritten thing — anything is “allowed” — at least if you are using a decent theme (some spammy/corrupt theme developers try to keep people from modifying their themes).

    If you are changing .php files, you really should be using a child theme:

    That way, you can change anything you want and still make updates – which are important to do since they may involve security / compatibility issues.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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