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  1. IbrahimYildirim
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    I'am currently doing a webpage for a school, and i want to add a feature where teachers can go in and add homework or notes from the days. I thought the easiest way would be to make it as a blog page with a pinned post on the top (class schedule) and the teacher could then post the homework for each day by creating a post. Now what I'am struggling with is: When i create a new blog page, all the other "blog posts" appears on that blog page. so my question is:

    How do i make a independent blog page where the posts on the page can only be seen in that specific page, and that page wont show any content from other blog pages? (Hope you get what i mean)

  2. esmi
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    Have a look at a page of posts. You could use a category, a tag or even a custom field to identify these "special" posts for inclusion on your Page.

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