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  • Hi, I used your plugin for a while and it worked wonderfully. For various reasons, I need to remove it now as I want a different design in the way blog posts are shown and this new thing requires pages to be created at the same address. While removing your plugin, I ran into a problem. It does not seem to undo the changes it did. How can I change back to /category/blog for my “blog” articles so that /blog is free again for a page? I tried saving again categories and pages permalinks (as indicated in the FAQ), but it doesn’t seem to work. Are there any settings I can change back in the database? What changes does your plugin actually do? Thanks a lot for the help!

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  • I’ve seen that resaving permalinks doesn’t always work as expected.

    I’m assuming that you’ve deactivated the plugin. Also, if you’re using a caching plugin, clear the cache.

    To try and force an update of the permalinks, first set the permalinks to something other than what you want. Then save. Then set the permalinks to your preferred style. Save again.

    Thanks for the suggestions Marios. I did what you described already and just tried it again to make sure. Still no difference: changed the settings for permalinks in Settings>Permalinks and set them back. I cleared the cache and also deactivated any caching plugin for now. I tried also resetting the slug for pages and categories by changing it to something else and then back. Still no changes…

    My server is multi-site. Would that have any impact on the remove-category-url plugin? The first site seems to work with no problem but the second site is not getting there!

    I also tried looking for what the plugin code does but it’s beyond me. (Last time I did PHP it was v4 and not object-oriented…) Does anybody know where the plugin actually does the change in WordPress? I suspect it is in DB as it cannot remove changes when the plugin is removed but would anybody know what it does in DB? I would be comfortable with modifying things back if only I knew where to look! However, I’m not 100% sure as it still applies the changes when creating new categories.

    When the plugin is inactive, the functionality disappears, but not necessarily the settings. The plugin saves changes to the database, but these should be overwritten when you resaving the permalink settings.

    Just to confirm, the permalink settings you re-saved included:

    1. Switching to default. Saving.
    2. Switching to your preferred setting. Saving.
    3. Changing the category base. Saving.
    4. Changing the category base to your preferred value. Saving.

    You shouldn’t have to jump through these hoops, but I haven’t been able to figure out why settings reset back to normal upon deactivation for most people, but a few run into problems.

    Hey, sorry for the delay, business caught up and I didn’t have much time!

    I did that exact procedure, yes. And just to be sure, I did it again right now.

    When the slug for the blog category is renamed to something else, /blog is correctly to the page with slug /blog but as soon as I re-activate the slug for the category, the page is gone again and what should be as /category/blog is shown there. also. /category/blog redirects to /blog.

    Basically, it’s just as if the plugin was really still active. So it prompted me to check with a multi-site plugin exploring plugin to check what was going on and yes indeed: the plugin was still active on this specific sub-site, even though it was deactivated from the main site.

    I did the procedure again and it seems to work now! Thanks for your assistance!

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